Tuesday, November 11, 2014

She painted the restroom

We have a 2-bath house. The one off the bedroom is considered to be Jane's. The one in the hallway, that serves as the guest bathroom, is considered "mine." We thought that best since I seem to require less counter space for all my... things. I've been going to paint my bathroom for... um... awhile now. It's actually the only upstairs room we didn't paint when we bought the house. It was a project I was going to tackle last year on my... whatithoughtwasgoingtobeasabbatical. Like several other of those projects, I didn't get to it. My lovely Lady had the day off work yesterday, and when I got home from work, she had painted the whole thing and was completely done with it. It looks splendid!

She had been asking me what color I was going to paint it for awhile now. I just figured we might as well use something we already have. So it is the tan-ish color we used in the living room, with white trim. It has white fixtures too, so it doesn't make it look any tinier than it already is. I am thinking about getting either blue or yellow guest towels to hang in there to replace the brown/tan ones that are there now (the shower curtain is tan, blue, and yellow). That should brighten it up a bit.

So, I have a nice clean and freshly painted room to go rest in now. :) And I'm married to a good woman. :)


MR said...

as an impending guest, I appreciate that.

JAH said...

I was actually going to buy you some new towels and rugs - just so everything was all "done" but thought you might want to pick the color. Personally, I was going to go with navy. :)