Thursday, November 20, 2014

Simple lessons to improve your writing

I am not a "writer"... but someday I would like to be. Not necessarily on a professional level, but just as a "dabbler." You know, so I could write something worth reading. I could be better than I am. I would need to spend more time working at it though. Maybe someday.

Anyway, I ran across this in my list of drafts I'd never posted. I should probably read it again. 10 Simple Lessons to Improve Your Writing.

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MR said...

Good stuff, I agree with just about everything.

#1: Ronald Reagan said: "it's not that I'm a great communicator, as they call me, it's that I communicated great things."

#2: I agree to a degree. I think it's possible to read yourself into a corner by becoming someone who feels it's all been done already. Which is has, it just hasn't been done by YOU. I hated getting back papers in college that said it was reminiscent of Milton or Joyce or Hemingway or whoever. I think some of those professors were just trying to demonstrate why they're professors. I don't want to know who writes like ME.

3#: Goethe - "I can tolerate all men till they come to ‘however’ – for it is self-evident that every universal rule must have its exceptions. But he is so exceedingly accurate, that, if he only fancies he has said a word too precipitate, or too general, or only half true, he never ceases to qualify, to modify, and extenuate, till at last he appears to have said nothing at all.”

4: Writing documentation at work that I blast out to 700 people and they "get it" is probably my most valuable skill. Distilling tech jargon into a normal human conversation with lots of "ya know, like" 's in it, does the work of hundreds of consultants by empowering the user.

aaaaand I'm tired of writing now.