Thursday, November 13, 2014

Snow start

Ugh. I woke up this morning and shuffled into the living room only to look out the window and see cars and rooftops covered with snow. It seems much too early for that. It has been colder than heck too. I just read that it may not get out of the 20's today, and the average temperature for this time of year is in the 50's! And, like that's not bad enough, they're predicting a couple inches of accumulation this weekend possibly. Egads!

I like seasons, but I do not like winter so much. I could go without snow - even on Christmas. I broke out my winter coat last night...

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MR said...

snow is the official trigger of the Christmas season for me. Now, retroactively, if it's THIS cold THIS early and then we don't get a white Christmas, I may take issue with it... retroactively. But, I think as LATE as the snow was last year, I'm on board with this early season change. It will go well with my Christmas tree, which will be up... wow, probably within the week! Then carpets cleaned, house cleaned, etc. etc.