Friday, November 28, 2014

Thanksgiving day 2014

We had a pretty uneventful Thanksgiving Day yesterday. Drew Carrie took their kids to see my parents - and I was happy they did - and Isaac was in Atlanta, so it was just the 2 of us here. Not only did we not over-eat, but we actually didn't even have a meal other than breakfast.

We had somewhat of a plan to go to IHOP or Bob Evans for lunch (I think we did IHOP for Thanksgiving lunch last year), and then we were going to see a movie. We didn't end up doing either of those things, but that's okay.

We woke up with no alarm clock and went to Azar's for a late breakfast. We each had the #1 - 3 eggs over medium, hash browns, wheat toast, and I had bacon and Jane sausage (we also both only ate 2 of the eggs - they won't give you just 2 eggs with the #1 though). Shortly after noon we headed over to the Feipel's and Jane painted Anna's room bright green. While she was painting I did some cleaning (HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!!!). Around 4 pm we came back home and Jane had a bowl of soup and I had some tortilla chips, then we headed back over so Jane could put on the 2nd coat of paint. I did some more cleaning and picking up, plus the highlight was probably that I was finally able to tune channel 15 in on their TV! We got done with everything and came back home around 9 pm. We both had some popcorn, so that was the extent of our Thanksgiving eating. At least I don't feel bloated this morning. :)

We will have a big meal with the Feipel's tomorrow. THEN I'll feel bloated.

Son Isaac was by himself yesterday. Ricci flew back to Indy to be with her family. He stayed there with the dog. He also got together with some friends. I think he was going to try to cook a turkey on the grill. I'll be interested to hear how that turned out.

Today it's back to work. Jane is already there, and I will be heading to mine in a bit. There are plenty of things I'm thankful for this year. I suppose.


MR said...

Postponing Thanksgiving a couple of days so you can actually enjoy it is a good idea. If Isaac & Ricci are in the area around Christmas, remind them that they're invited to your family reunion, as you refer to it, haha! Aptly titled, as I am definitely pro-family. Myself, I'm still using my parent's family, but if I had my own, it would rock--there's no doubt about that; just don't know how that would work in this "climate".

ANYwho... I'm glad you admitted you have a lot to be thankful for and you're welcome for the contrast I've provided :D. Sometimes it takes meeting people as wretched as our bunch to appreciate things that seemed easily acquired. In my case, I would say my job came very naturally, I make friends easily (although I've put that on hold for repairs given last year's breakdown in the vetting process). But not so lucky in other areas. Turns out part of a good relationship is having needs for the other to feel useful in fulfilling. Well, if you've strived for complete independence all your life... etc. Oh, and women hate me. I forgot that one.

Anyway, back to family. You have a son who is following in your footsteps and headed in a really cool direction. If you've ever seen "Return of the Jedi" where Luke pulls his Father back from the dark side before he dies, this was representative of George Lucas' philosophy that it is our children that redeem us. He elaborated on that with the prequel movies where everyone thought Luke's father was the "chosen one". But, it turned out it was Luke that brought balance to the Force. Just like Uther Pendragon's son, or, if you can split that hair, God's son, who was much more interactive and personable.

On top of that, a daughter who is following in her mother's footsteps and building an awesome family. And how do you quantify that? I wish I could, because mothers are getting beaten up from all sides in this "climate". (there's that word again) It would be nice to say "what do you mean, your family has a score of 850! You're rockin' it!" Suffice to say it not only brings you joy now, but it is a great investment in future joy. (not the dishwashing liquid).

I have high-hopes for 2015. I'd really like to bring my goals to fruition and see them click together; how often does that happen, though? Well, I'll do what I can. Point being, I am thankful for what I have, and thankful for the opportunity to change what I want to change.

MR said...

I think I'm gradually hijacking your blog.