Monday, November 03, 2014

Turning 52

Yesterday was my 52nd birthday. Meh. I feel like I'm kind of lost in that land that time forgot or something. I mean, I remember when I turned 50 and I was in great shape, I felt good about life, I thought all was well with the world. Last year was a little less then enviable, but still not bad. You really don't hear much from people in their 50's though. Not a lot of great things happen during this period. Now, once you get into your 60's and 70's, then things start to happen again. So this 52nd year of birth wasn't anything too spectacular. And that's okay.

We had planned to make a trip back home to Illinois. I decided against it as we were getting ready to load the car. I just wasn't into it. I didn't really want to deal with all the hoopla and whatnot. So we went to our usual Friday place and had a good time with a small group of friends. Saturday I slept late, and STILL took a nap in the afternoon. I decided I was just going to be lazy on this birthday weekend. I had my traditional Tombstone Deluxe pizza Saturday night. Then, on my actual birthday, we got up late Sunday and went to the 11 o'clock service at church. I was looking forward to going, but for some reason I just had a bad attitude during the whole thing. I didn't want to, but sometimes it happens. So we went to Spyro's West for lunch and I forgot about it. Mostly. Then I took a short nap, then went out and helped Jane finish raking leaves to the curb. They are supposed to come pick up our leaves this week. Last night we went to Wings, Etc and partied with our small group of friends again. Carrie brought the most awesome cupcakes too.

All in all, it was a nice birthday. This Thursday we have tickets to see Jerry Sienfeld, so I'm claiming that as my birthday present. Doesn't get much better than that.

Physically, I weighed myself on my birthday morning and I was 167 pounds. I'm pretty out of shape and need to lose about 15 pounds. Belly fat, to be specific. I haven't been running regularly, or anything. I hope I can change that here shortly.

Mentally... I'm doing "okay." It comes and goes. I'd like to say I was over 'things'... but if I were I probably wouldn't be having dreams about certain people 5 out of 7 nights a week still. I really don't think I dwell on it anymore, but apparently there's still a lot of pain there.

Anyway... that's about it for this year. It was a quiet time. No plans, and no expectations. Yup. That's life. At 52.

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MR said...

You're livin' my dream. I'm just ready to get out of debt, eliminate as many "have-to's" in my life as I can and get to a place so placid that even I will eventually start making plans to travel again. Maybe not the coolest places, but places *I* want to go. Right off the bat, I can go see my brother in Orlando and my Uncle at Gettysburg. (I was also thinking I could bring a laptop and a scanner and copy some of the pictures he has. That would be worth the trip right there.) But, all in all, I like not being accountable to anyone for being "interesting". As a matter of fact, I think in those touristy places I would feel like part of the herd; which is a negative for me.

But enough about me, I'd have to agree with Jerry, (you heard me), you're in an enviable position (another deadly sin that I don't know why it's on the deadly sin list--it gives people something to aspire to).

I can't EVEN say anything about cutting loose those betraying demons because I know how difficult that is. I start to ask myself "do these people believe that betraying someone makes them INTERESTING? SAVVY? SCHREWD?" Did being a dick become fashionable at some point, because it seems just.that.common. But, I shouldn't pour gas on the fire. I guess that's why we have the instincts and defenses we do, to filter those people out. I hope to hone mine to a very precise caliber. I can see where you got into trouble, you're all-accepting. Me, well, I basically turned off my perception because I wanted to see HER the way I wanted to see HER.

Well, here comes 52 like Honey Boo-Boo.