Friday, December 26, 2014

Christmas gifts 2014

I made another great haul this Christmas. Below are the pics.

In pic #1 - Jane's gift to me was having one of my pencil sketches framed. I did this for my drawing class I had for my undergrad degree (my degree is in Religious Studies but the drawing class was one of my favorites). This was for my final in the class, and I did okay on the straight lines and shadows, but the curves are kinda funky. Oh well, not being an artist or anything, I was happy with it. Plus, I enjoyed my chats with the atheist art instructor as much as anything.

Pic #2 are the gifts I received from the Feipel's and Horwedel's. From the Feipels I got some beer mugs, and a 'Q & A 5-Year Journal' that has 365 questions for 5 years. The questions prod for answers like, "Who do you need to call today?," or, "Who is your closest companion right now?," or, "What makes you feel wonderful?" I just fill in the blanks each day. I think it's a fantabulous gift for someone like me, and someday for my kids and grandkids. Along the same lines is a book, "My Dad: His Stories. His Words." This is sort of a 'walk down memory lane' for me to write down thoughts and stories from my life and some day pass off to my children and grandchildren. Good stuff!

Isaac and Ricci made the popcorn in the mason jar, and then on the lid had some Redbox codes they purchased for us... so we can have 'movie-and-popcorn nights.' A very practical yet artsy sorta gift. Both sets of kids always come up with something so perfect!

The 3rd pic is what I got for Lady Jane - the usual Ansel Adams calendar, and Kathy Escobar's book 'Faith Shift.'

We got Anna a doll house and Bennett a barn set. Caleb got 2 boxes of diapers (he needs those more than he knows). The big kids all got the usual stuff. It was great having them all around. Probably the most time we've all spent together in a long time. All in all it was a great Christmas.

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