Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Christmas in illinois

We went back home to Illinois this past weekend so we could have Christmas with family. My sister and her son Kevin (and his gf Lauren) were at my parent's house Friday-Sunday. We arrived, along with the Feipels, on Saturday and left Monday morning. So there was just an overlap of Saturday night and Sunday morning.

The view out our bedroom window.
Jane and I spent both nights at her brother Mark's house. They have an extra room above their garage with its own bathroom. That was nice. It's also pretty cool waking up with big windows on each end of the room and being able to look out over the countryside (they live on the cattle/grain farm where Jane grew up).

All 5 Feipels stayed in 1 room at my parents house. It was not real convenient that first night, since my nephew and his gf were in another room and my sister slept on the couch in the living room. The next night (when my sister was gone) I think they kind of spread out in the upstairs. Everyone survived.

As for the logistics of the trip... Jane and I left our house around 1 pm Saturday (she had to work until noon). We made it to Buda in 4 hrs 25 minutes. That included 2 stops - one to go potty and grab a snack, and the other to get gas and go potty. That's about as quick as we've ever made it. The traffic was really light the entire way, and no road construction. I try to stay about 9 mph over the speed limit - other than the stretch from Gary, IN to Joliet, IL - where the speed limit is 55 and everyone drives 80 (I drive as fast as I can get away with).

Coming home, we left at 11:20 am, and once again it only took us 4 1/2 hours. According to the Ford Escape, it is 275 miles one way. I filled up with 11 gallons when we got to Fort Wayne, and got 25.5 mpg on the way home.

Saturday night we just hung out at my parents. I can't remember if we opened presents then, or on Sunday morning. Anyway, Saturday night we had chili for supper, and we stayed up and played Dominos until almost 2 am (our time). We also went through a 12-pack of beer and a few bottles of wine. Sunday we went to my parents around 8:30 am. Drew and Carrie went to church with Tim and Elizabeth, but the rest of us just stayed home. My mom cooked a roast for lunch, then Deb's left after we ate.

Sunday evening we went out to Mark's for supper with some of Jane's family. It was Mark & Christine, Tim & Elizabeth and their 2 kids, Bud & Ashley and their 3 kids, Michael & Kate and their 4 kids, Drew & Carrie and their 3 kids, Allison, John & Ginny, Eric & his new bride, and Kevin & Teresa came out later. It was a house-full, but a fun time.

Monday we went in to my parents in the morning. We had breakfast and hung out with them and the kids, then we left for home at 11:20. All-in-all it was a pretty good visit.

Driving home I commented to Jane that Buda didn't really seem as much like "home" as it used to. She, on the other hand, seems to miss it more. I could go either way. I like living in Fort Wayne, but if either of our kids, or any of our grandkids, moved back there... I/we would be there in a second. So... you just never know. Life is strange, and we had a good Christmas in Illinois.

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