Sunday, December 21, 2014


I got a haircut yesterday, and actually paid someone to do it again. It seemed like it had been awhile since my last haircut, and I haven't had someone else cut my hair since June of 2013. I just felt like - since it's the holidays and all - maybe I would get a nice haircut. It didn't exactly turn out how I wanted it, but it was better than when I do it myself.

I went to a Great Clips, as usual, but went to the one over by our house. I got right in, which kind of surprised me on a Saturday afternoon. They had plenty of people working though. Ellyn cut my hair. She was nice enough, but she kind of talked my ear off. Whatever. At least I didn't have to say much myself. The haircut was $12 and I gave her a $3 tip.

I've been lately thinking about maybe trying to find a regular barbershop. You know, a small, local spot. I don't really know of any though. So... we'll see.

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