Sunday, December 07, 2014

Jane's x-mas party

We had the Christmas Party for Jane's branch office last night. It was at Cebollas Mexican Grill on W. Jefferson. Yes, I know they had that one food poisoning incident, but we still like it. There were 10 of us: Me & Jane, Steve & Pam, Ashley & Wes, Amy & her husband, and Brad & his wife (sorry, can't remember everyone's name). I had the Cebollas Burrito (with no cheese). It was an okay time, but it was hard to have a conversation with too many people because it's kind of noisy in there. It was fun though.

Afterward we stopped at the Feipel house to babysit the grandkids for a bit. A and B were awake on the couch when we got there, but they soon dozed off and we put them to bed. C woke up once, but Jane changed his pants and gave him a bottle and then he passed back out. Pretty easy work.

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