Wednesday, December 24, 2014

The annual christmas party

This past Saturday we once again attended Mike's annual Christmas extravaganza. As with last year, first we dropped our pan of lasagna off at church for their annual "Just Come" dinner. We did not stay and eat this year though because we then went to the Feipel's and had birthday cake for Drew (his bday is the 19th). We got to Mike's around 8 pm. Jane once again took her scrumptious meatballs, and this year added some bear-batter cheese dip with some little bread things to dip in it.

The crowd wasn't as large as some years, but it was still a swell time. Catchphrase was just as fun as ever too. I lost too many times, but lived to tell about it. I believe we got home a little after 2 am. Here are a couple pics. First the group shot (minus Kristen), and then a pic of my lovely lady and me sporting my new Christmas sweater. :) And... it probably goes without saying, but one of the neatest things about Mike's house is all the vintage decorations. Very nicely done.


bill Sloat said...

Love the sweater. It IS you.

MR said...

Thanks for coming! Meatballs and Beer dip were awesome! While the crowd this year was indicative of my hesitation with "people" of late, it was good to see the regular guests so comfortable (even Kristin!). Whenever people ask me how it went I tell them a cop showed up, like every year.

I hate to put it in writing anywhere, but I have high-hopes for 2015 and plan to re-double my efforts to have friends over more and not be so absorbed by the "mood" of work (if not the work itself). Even something so simple as a random movie night. Filling a room with people before buying a brand new movie from Pay-per-View makes it a bargain. I'll have to mull it over.