Sunday, January 11, 2015

Guitar-shaped things

I recently received an email from a place called that they used one of my pictures. They have this article "18 Astonishing Guitar-Shaped Things That Make You Say 'What?'" and one of those things was my picture of a guitar-shaped wedding cake. It was actually made out of cupcakes. I officiated this couple's wedding ceremony back in 2009 and the bride made the cake. It's 6'2" long and 29" wide. Here is the original post, and this is the pic.


MR said...

Cool! The (cup)Cake and the re-publish. Good thing they just took the picture and didn't use a link or this place would become popular and trendy and lose it's hole in the wall status. I'd go to sign on one day and it would be renamed The Velvet Rope and lousy with the beautiful people, as Marilyn referred to them, and they'd all have stupid opinions about what's wrong with Dolly and I just don't need all that aggravation.

bill Sloat said...