Monday, January 26, 2015

Jane's work party

This past Saturday was the holiday party for Jane's work. It was held at Ceruti's Banquet & Event Center in Fort Wayne (right next to the big Harley Davidson shop on the West side). It was a very nice place, and the food was fantabulous!

I believe Jane said the bank has around 250 total employees. So there was quite a crowd. They also had a bunch of door prizes (maybe 50?). Each employee got two tickets to use on door prizes. There was everything from Walmart gift cards, to Ipads, to Final Four tickets, and a 3-day cruise. Of course we didn't win anything. Jane used her ticket for a package to the winery in Roanoke; I used mine for the Final Four tickets. The one real downer of the night was that a member of the board of directors won those tickets. I wouldn't think that class of people should even be included... but what do I know.

As I said, the food was fantastic. They had salad, beef and chicken, potatoes, a vegetable mix, cheesecake, and a chocolate fountain. Yum. I suppose the biggest excitement of the night for us was when we got up to get our roast beast, the guy cutting it cut his finger and had to leave and a new guy immediately showed up to take his place. I don't think he bled at all, but I suppose just cutting through his glove was enough.

We sat at a table with Pam & Steve, Amy and her husband (can never remember his name), and Steve and Bridget. I was glad we were able to sit with all people that we knew.

The entertainment for the evening was a dinner theater style whodunnit. They had actors on stage and each table had to figure out who committed the crime. It was kind of fun, but it went on just a tad too long. The main guy ended up being the guy I listen to on the radio every day on WBCL (Larry Bower). Jane and I both thought he seemed familiar, and he actually was.

Anyway, it lasted from 6 pm until a little after 9 pm. It was fun, the food was good, and no one got too annoying. So, I'm glad we went. It would be nice to win a door prize some year, but oh well. I took two ink pens from the table.

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MR said...

Ceruti's is who caters our cafeteria. Their food is surprisingly good, especially the soups.

The guy cutting himself has me picturing Dan Aykroyd doing the Julia Child skit.