Saturday, January 31, 2015

Supper at the pastor's house

Wednesday night we went to our pastor's house for supper. It seems weird to write that. Anyway, it was us, Chris & Kathy, Paul & Elle, and several of both couple's children. Paul is leader of the 3dm Network in the US and works part-time for our church. Chris is lead pastor at our church, and works part-time as a 3dm regional director. Another couple were supposed to be there too but apparently they had something come up at the last moment. We got there at 6:30 and left about 8:15. Kathy made lasagna and we brought a salad, as did the other couple. Oh well, it worked out.

Apparently they do this every Wednesday - as leaders in the church - and Chris had asked us awhile back to let him know when we could come. It was a nice time. They live right near our Stellhorn facility and have a very comfortable house. Plus Paul and Elle are from England and have very thick accents, so it's always neat to listen to them talk.

We chit-chatted as we ate, then after eating we went over by the fireplace and chatted some more. Then we each shared an area we would like prayer in, and we prayed for one another. It was nice in that I felt like "somebody" again - which is probably a wrong thing to say, but that's how I felt - We were just another couple in ministry as far as the conversation was concerned. I miss that. Then, after praying, Paul said he felt the need to speak a word of prophecy to us. He said that while praying he felt a sense that something is coming for us this summer. I'm assuming that means a ministry opportunity. Honestly, I'm kind of trying to not think about it. We'll see.

Chris is starting a new teaching series this Sunday on hospitality. We will also start attending a Thursday night Bible Study (with 50-60 other people), and we're thinking about being part of the Monday night prayer thing. So hopefully we can start being a little more hospitable ourselves as we meet some people and get to know who is who and what is what. I would also kind of like to attend the north site on Sunday evenings sometime. There are way fewer people, and I've heard it is easier to get acquainted there.

If you're interested, there is a nice overview of 3dm on the Verge site:; or you can go straight to the 3dm site:

So... there's that. I'm glad we went. Glad we got invited. I think Jane had a nice time too.