Monday, February 23, 2015

Babysitting overnight

We kept the kids overnight again Saturday-Sunday. It was much nicer this time since they were all three healthy. We were at the Feipel's on Saturday afternoon, and just brought them home with us in their van. They came over Sunday morning before church and we all left about 10:30 for that.

Anna is such a sweetie when she feels good. She was feeling good this weekend. She is so long and tall now, and quite the jumper. She also talks really well now. She's a big help with the boys. She will always hold a special place in my heart.

Bennett is growing up, but he can still be pretty goofy at times. He talks a lot, but I can't for the life of me understand most of what he says yet. He can be an excitable boy, though. He's funny when he gets excited about something. He is also very sensitive (as is his sister). It was fun watching him when he got in bed, before he went to sleep. I laid down with him in the big bed at first. He's like a little man. He finally asked if he could sleep in the crib - which made me glad, because I was sure he would have fallen out of bed otherwise, he flops around so much - so he ended up sleeping in the crib all night.

Caleb is still not a real good sleeper. We put the pak-n-play in our room. He went to sleep good, but he woke up during the night. Eventually we put him between us in the bed. A lot of times he had his eyes closed, but his arms and hands were constantly reaching for our faces. He also grunts and groans quite a bit. He's kind of goofy too.

Anna goes to sleep early, and wakes up early. A little after 6 am she came bounding down the hallway with a smile on her face to announce she was hungry. Of course grandma made her pancakes and bacon - one of her favorites. Bennett stays up late, and sleeps a little later. It takes him awhile to wake up, but if you just let him be he's eventually okay. Caleb seems to always look tired, but for some reason resists the sleep as much as he can. He's a big smiler though.

We played quite a bit in the basement. They are all pretty good to just sit and play with toys now. Caleb is not quite able to stand on his own yet, but he manages to get around pretty good. Anna likes to help in the kitchen, and she can help pick up now too. I bought one of those Bop Bag things that you blow up with air. You're supposed to be able to hit it and it pops right back up. It didn't work exactly like that, but the kids had fun with it.

All in all it was a good weekend. We were still plenty tired, but I can't imagine not having the little one's around. They're growing up so fast.