Friday, March 27, 2015

Yes, I should have done more

I realize I am not solely responsible... but I have to share some of the responsibility. A boy who grew up next door to us when we lived in the country parsonage was shot to death Wednesday. He was 21 years old, but I remember when he was much younger he spent countless hours shooting baskets outside at the church or at his house; he would come to my office and ask me questions, ask if he could play ping pong, and on too many nights when I knew he was home while his grand-daddy was at work, I should have invited him to our house. I could have and should have done more... and I didn't. Dammit!!!!

Anyway, here is the news story from Wednesday, and here is the one from Thursday (where they identified him). Here is another story from a different channel on Thursday. I feel so bad for his grandpa - a really good, kind, sweet guy. Jay was a good kid too. Dang. This just makes me sick. It makes me angry. I hate guns!