Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Caleb turns 1

Today is grandson #2 (and grandchild #3), Caleb's, 1st birthday. He is at a really fun stage. He still thinks life is good - other than when his big brother doesn't want to share toys with him - and he smiles easily at just about anything. He is clearly the happiest of the 3 to see us whenever we're around. You just need to say his name and he gives a big ol' grin. He is also walking pretty good now - even though it's a bit of a sideways shuffle. He also likes to play with cars, and to eat. He likes cramming a lot of food in his mouth at the same time.

Unfortunately Anna had to have a dental procedure done today so his parents weren't home when he woke up. I'm sure he didn't mind that Grandma Jane was there though. Anna had to be put to sleep so she will likely be a bit groggy all day. They are having a party for him this Saturday though. My parents are even going to make it out.

I think this pic is from Easter Sunday. He clearly looks just like Drew's dad. I hope he holds onto that happiness for a long time!