Sunday, April 05, 2015

Easter sunday

It is Easter Sunday 2015. We got up early on this Sunday (for us) - it was probably 7:30 when we rolled out of bed! I remember the days when I was already at the church at 6 am. Anyway, today we went over to the Feipel's for Easter breakfast - around 9:30. We got a bag full of toys from the Dollar Tree for the grandkids, and Carrie made us cinnamon rolls and egg casserole. Drew Carrie hid easter eggs in their backyard for Anna and Bennett, and after all that... we headed to the worship gathering. As usual, we attended the 11 am service. It was pretty packed. It was "okay." I told myself I wasn't going to be in a mood during the service. For some reason I seem to be getting more uncomfortable with the music/singing on Sunday mornings. I'm not really even sure why - because it is done very well. I dunno. Anyway, 2 people actually said "hello" to us - the Lead pastor and one other person who is friends with Carrie. After the service we picked up KFC and headed back to the Feipel house. We had lunch then came home and took a nap. It is a sunny 64F outside and we went for a walk, now we're trying to get some things done around the house. Here are a few pics from the day. Btw, the matching white shirts (at least mine) was not planned at all. And that bottom picture is classic. :)