Tuesday, April 21, 2015


I got my haircut Saturday. I went to the Great Clips on our side of town again. Jessica cut my hair. She was nice, and she did alright, but I've noticed that the people at this particular place don't do quite as thorough of a job as they did at the other place. They never offer to do my eyebrows, and yesterday I was actually going to have them trim my beard, but she didn't offer. It was a pretty quick haircut. But, like I said, it was okay; so I'm not complaining. Again it was a 4 on top and 2 on the sides.

One funny thing was... she asked how I wanted my bangs cut. I looked at her and asked, "bangs???" We both laughed. I haven't had bangs for a long time. She said she meant the top front.

I may start cutting it myself again now. I don't know. It's almost worth it just to have someone run the clippers on the back of my neck. That feels SOOOOOO good. We'll see.