Friday, April 17, 2015

We're in business - elevate coach

Welp, it's official. I am now a business partner. Elevate Coach is registered with the county, we have a Tax ID number, and a checking account so we can take payments. I also have my business cards done (below).

I made the cards on Vistaprint and got 500 for $9.99. It took 8 days to get them, but only because I was cheap and opted for economy shipping. They actually turned out better than I expected.

I went to the County Recorder's office Wednesday and got the Assumed Name Certificate. It only took a couple minutes to fill out on their computer, then they printed it off, took my $11, and handed me a copy. Tom and I signed the Partnership Agreement Thursday morning and dropped it off with Jane at the bank. She found out that we actually did need to get a Tax ID number, but she was able to do that for us online, and then she opened our business account for us.

All we really need to do now is set up a Paypal account and hook it up with our bank account. Oh, and get some clients. I'm sure we will do some tweaking of the website now and then, but I generally like how it looks. Again, we purposely want it to be simple and low-key. We may have to do something to emphasize that we don't only coach Christian leaders though. I've sensed people kind of think that. We are willing to coach anybody for just about anything. So we'll see.

Here we go...