Monday, May 11, 2015

Mother's day 2015

We had an okay Mother's Day 2015 (I guess it's not really my call). We slept in and went to church at Grace. As usual, we shared a table with Drew Carrie and the Kurtz's. Afterward us and the Feipels went to Toscani's for pizza. It was Jane's idea, and it was a good one because they have really good pizza. Unfortunately they have the worst service. The servers are bad, the kitchen is slow, you would think they've never had customers before. It took 2 hours to get and eat a pizza. But it was good. We all went home, then Jane and Carrie went shopping. I took a nap and then met Jane at the movie theater for the 6 pm showing of The Avengers: Age of Ultron. It was a good way to pass some time. Then we went and bought some groceries and son Isaac called Jane to wish her a happy Mother's Day and to tell her he would be going along to my nephew Kyle's wedding in Minnesota later this summer. So we went home and Jane made his airline reservations. Then we watched the end of the A.D. mini-series, and two episodes of Seinfeld. That was the day.

I got Jane Rachel Held Evans' new book 'Searching for Sunday.' Isaac and Ricci got her a neat picture holder with several picture/post-cards. Carrie and the grandkids made her a big picture of butterflies made out of their feet. They were all pretty neat gifts and I think Jane really liked them.

I called my mom a couple times, and left a message, but never talked to her. She was at my sisters in Minnesota, and it was also college graduation for her son Kyle. So she had a pretty big day up there.