Monday, May 04, 2015

Parental visit

My parents were out this weekend. They came Saturday and left this morning. We celebrated Caleb's 1st birthday, as well as just the mere existence of the other two, with a party at Drew Carrie's Saturday afternoon. It was a beautiful day, and I'm glad my mom and dad were able to make it out again. You never know when the last one might be.

Unfortunately all three grandkids were suffering cold/allergy type symptoms all weekend. They still gave it a good go, as long as they could. The weather was nice all weekend, and we all played outside quite a bit. We even got the wagon out of storage at our house.

One thing of note at the party at Drew Carries was that I backed their Malibu into their garage door. I was trying to do them a favor and pull the car around back. It's a tricky area, but there was still no excuse to back into the door. It broke apart the two bottom sections. Drew and I were able to get it back together, and it's just a little bent now, but I think it will work okay. I felt pretty stupid. Such is life.

ADDED LATER: On my parent's way home they blew a tire in Watseka, IL. As they were just entering town an ambulance came flying up behind them, and my mom swung the car over and hit the curb, and it blew their tire. Fortunately they have roadside service, so a guy came and put their donut tire on. Then they drove to a tire place and got a new one put on. I think it took them about 3 hours altogether.