Monday, May 25, 2015

Ping pong table top

I went to work today and found a TON of garbage in and around our dumpster. One of the items was a ping pong table. It was the kind that folds up, but since we already had the pool table in the basement at home I just took the top off. I didn't realize that these tables actually split into 4 sections. It still wouldn't fit in the Buick though - couldn't get the doors closed. Fortunately Jane had the day off and brought the Escape up to work and brought the top home. Now we just need a net, paddles, and balls. I'm pretty sure those can be purchased for pretty cheap.

I had just been thinking about a ping pong table. I like to play it, even though I'm not very good. And this way if we get tired of it, we can just pitch it!

I also tore down the old natural gas grill in the back yard. It hadn't worked and was falling apart. I left the pole, and may or may not take it out too. I didn't know if there was something creative we could do with it.