Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Things I want to do (intentionality)

I've read several things lately dealing with how to make sure we spend our time doing the things we really want to do - as opposed to things other people want us to do. Sometimes we can even be our own worst enemy because we simply don't establish in our own mind those things that are most important to us. We need to be intentional about prioritizing our time. So, here are some of the things I would like to spend my time doing.
  • Reading - I don't do it as much as I used to, but I would like to read a variety of things - most notably more biblical type reading. One reason is to keep my mind working, but another is because I believe it helps in writing.
  • Writing - I am a terrible writer, but I enjoy doing it, and someday I hope to get better and to write something that is actually useful. For now I'm just doing it to do it.
  • Running - Another thing I haven't been doing much lately, but I really need to start again. I want to be a runner. Not a fast runner, but a runner nonetheless. So far I've run before work twice this week.
  • Playing Guitar - This isn't as much of a priority as the other three, but I would still like to do it more. I haven't much at all for the past two years. We'll see.
Running is something I need to do early in the morning. Reading needs to be done early, but not necessarily first thing. Writing can be done at some point during the day. Guitar... I dunno.

Now I need to decide what I need to eliminate in order to achieve these goals. Having a job probably isn't something I can eliminate. This is just a dream exercise anyway. I'd like to make it a reality, but if not, life will go on.