Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Father's day 2015

I had yet another grand Father's Day celebration this year. We started the day by attending the worship gathering at our church. We even got invited to be in a small group! Woohoo!! After that we, along with the Feipels, went to Freimann Square in downtown Fort Wayne and enjoyed a food-truck lunch. They were having an event called 'Make Music Day.' It was put on by Sweetwater Sound and Arts United and went from noon to 5 pm. They had several tents set up where groups performed music, as well as locations where we, the people, could PLAY music ourselves. So we hung out there for awhile with the kids.

Afterward Jane and I went home and took a brief nap. Later we went back to Headwaters Park and did our usual Father's Day routine of closing down Ribfest. We had supper and listened to some blues music. Son Isaac called and talked for awhile, and the Feipel's ended up joining us for a little bit too. The evening ended with the Todd Harold Band. The perfect way to end Father's Day as far as I'm concerned.

The only bad part was that I gained back 5 lbs that I'd lost last week. That's what 3 days of Ribfest will do to you. It was worth it.

Of course, probably the highlight of the day was reading daughter Carrie's post on Facebook. She is an excellent writer, and she knows me well. I was humbled to tears and want to put this here so I'll always be able to read it again. I think I want her to give my eulogy when I die. :) I am blessed.
Sweetwater, a major supporter of music performance and music education, is working with Arts United to present Make Music Day, on June 21st from 12 p.m. to 5 p.m. at Freimann Square, 200 E. Main St., Fort Wayne, Indiana.
Make Music Day, an international celebration of music and music-makers, is free and open to the public. Falling this year on Father’s Day, Make Music Day is the perfect way for the family to celebrate.
Make Music Day is different from a typical music festival. This free community event is open to anyone who wants to participate, no matter the age, skill level, or preferred genre. The celebration focuses on making and sharing music with performances and interactive music experiences. The occasion honors music’s role in different cultures, its healing and inspirational abilities, and the way it makes people feel—both as players and listeners.
- See more at: http://star883.com/events/event/make-music-day/2015-06-21#sthash.sW5M3YCJ.dpuf
My dad (Dan Horwedel) is surely the greatest dad in the world!
By example, he taught and continues to teach me about little things like the power of live music, the importance of good books, and that it's perfectly normal to get stuck in little food routines. :)
He had also, by example, taught me some big lessons. Through his honesty about himself, he has taught me that sometimes when you're honest, people will hurt you, but that's better than living a lie. He's taught me the importance of discipline - in regards to being on time (I try my best), praying when we don't feel like it, and going to church when we think it's pointless, among many other things. He (and my mom) taught me the importance of respecting my children as people because they always respected Isaac and I as people and never treated us as "just kids." That alone is responsible for making me confident enough to face life head on and to know that no matter what, life goes on. Lastly, these last few years my dad has showed me that for the most part, saying "that's just the way I am, accept me or don't," is a total cop-out. we can always be better versions of ourselves and we should never stop trying.
Thank you, Dad. For showing me how to be better. For leading Isaac and I to who we are (along with mom), and for all of the love and respect you've showed us and Ricci and Drew and my kiddos. We love you!!