Sunday, June 14, 2015

Haircut, hamburger, and... a storm

I got another haircut yesterday. I seem to be getting them about every 2 months now. I should probably start doing it myself again. Honestly, it's just easier to pay someone to do it.

Anyway, I went to the same Great Clips I've been going to on our side of town again. And I got the same girl (Ellyn) that I swear I've had almost every time. She does an okay job of cutting my hair, and is nice enough, but she talked the ENTIRE time I was there - which, fortunately, was only about 15 minutes. She told me about getting a different car, and before she got the insurance switched, someone hit her and did $4,200 damage. She didn't understand why the insurance didn't want to cover it because it had only been 10 days and she hadn't gotten around to switching the insurance. Then she complained about her ex-husband, and... I'm not sure what all else. I could only hear about half of what she said due to the clippers and blow dryer and things. I mostly just smiled and tried to make appropriate gestures/gasps whenever I could.

So... that's that. I arrived at 5:15 pm, and was leaving the parking lot at 5:30. It was $12, plus a $3 tip equaled $15.

We went to the library downtown afterward and got hamburgers (the best hamburgers in town as far as I'm concerned - and they're only $4). It started raining as we were waiting for them, so we didn't stick around to listen to the music (which they ended up not having). Instead we ate our burgers in the car, then decided to go get groceries. When we got home there had been a rather serious storm - and what looked like a tornado - had went through our neighborhood. There were several trees down, and branches all over the streets, and our street was unpassable due to water that was thigh deep at the other end. It was crazy.