Sunday, June 28, 2015

Storm, staple, sitting, and sick

What a weekend. It started with - you guessed it - yet another storm. We were completely unaware. We got up Saturday morning and headed to Zanesville for the Lions Club 5k. Water was everywhere, tree limbs were strewn about, stoplights were out... but it's kind of become normal anymore. So we show up in Zanesville and there isn't a soul to be found, not even a note on the door. We drove around town for awhile and finally realized they must have cancelled it due to the storm. Upon returning to Fort Wayne we realized there was quite a bit of damage.

Then we started getting texts from daughter Carrie that the youngest grandchild had smacked his head while falling off something. I guess it was bleeding pretty good and a neighbor who is a nurse suggested they take him to the ER. The poor little guy had to get one shiny stainless steel staple in his head. Word is he didn't even flinch when they shot it in. It kind of sticks up a little bit, and at first I kinda got the heeby-jeebies when I thought about it. You know, how for some reason it makes you need to cross your legs -like someone has punched you in the gut, or, more precisely the "privates." I finally got over it, and it still doesn't seem to bother him at all.

Of course this was our weekend to babysit all three grandkids overnight. They were perfectly fine, as usual. Jane watched the kids when Carrie took Caleb to the ER. Then she brought him home and Carrie took the older two to a birthday party. She dropped them off after the party. Fortunately we have plenty of space in our house to deal with the miserable weather outside. Anna and Bennett like riding their tricycles around in circles in the house. So we survived. Caleb went to bed around 7:30 and got up at 5:30. He slept in the pack-n-play in our room. For some reason Anna wanted to sleep in the end room on the big bed where Bennett slept in the old crib. They were probably in bed around 9, and got up around 7:30.

Unfortunately I have felt like crap all weekend. I woke up with a sore throat and feeling "clammy" Saturday morning. I keep going back and forth between freezing chills and a burning sweat. I was hoping I would feel better today - and I have moments of relief - but mostly I ache all over, my throat feels raw, and I just can't get my temperature regulated. Ugh. I hate being sick like this. It's one of those "I'm never going to feel normal again" sicknesses for me. So, I'm thankful I was able to deal with the kid's. Even though I went to bed when Caleb did last night, and I wasn't much help to Jane. Hopefully they don't end up with it too.