Thursday, June 25, 2015

Your welco

No, that's not a typo. It's not supposed to say "You're welcome." Your Welco is another endeavor I am pondering... Your Wellness Coach. And, yes, the 'Welco' does remind me of 'Wilco.' Is there a problem with that??? ;)

For now it's just a thought. However, it occurred to me that, while I can do leadership coaching, that is maybe not where my greatest interests are. Personally, I am interested in physical fitness, mental conditioning, and spiritual health. In my opinion, that's really what all of life is about. So why not be a whole-life coach? I think 'wellness coaching' should encompass physical, mental and spiritual health; body, mind and soul. I think when someone says, "I would like to get my act together"... that's how you do that - you address all three facets of life. And I think I could help people do that.

So, what about Elevate Coaching? Not a problem. It's just another piece of the puzzle for me. As is my training in meditation therapy, the spiritual disciplines, running and healthy eating.

I suppose it would help for me to get a few degrees or certifications in some various other things (besides my biblical & coaching degrees/certificates). One thing I would like to explore is Yoga. I think that could be beneficial, though I would prefer a more Christian strain than traditional yoga practices and beliefs.

I also realize there are a ton of people already doing this type of thing. But who knows... I'm just thinking about it. It seems to make sense for me. Plus they always say the best way to learn something is to teach it...

We'll see.