Tuesday, July 07, 2015

Biked to work

'06 Kawasaki 500
I rode my motorcycle to work for the first time yesterday. It was a bonus when I found out that I got off at 12:30 too! So I cruised straight up through town in the morning, and right back downtown in the afternoon.

I've actually only had it out a couple times all summer. I was thinking of maybe even selling it. But it was a nice day, so I thought "what the heck." I also thought it would be good practice on my starts and stops by going through town. I couldn't believe it when I only had to stop for 1 out of 30-some stoplights on the way there! Talk about good timing.

Anyway, I probably won't ride it again for awhile since there is a chance of rain starting today and lasting until the end of time. But if it's ever nice out again, I think I kinda like riding it to work. My lunch fit perfectly in the bag on the back.