Thursday, July 02, 2015

Car serviced - new place

I took the 2002 Buick Century to get serviced yesterday, as well as have a tire patched. It's the first time since we moved to Indiana that I've paid for an oil change! The tire was $9.50, and as a first-time customer I got the "Best Value" service & inspection for $21.95. Altogether it was $34.35. I didn't think that was too bad.

We had always taken our cars to a place on the south side of town. They were members of the church I used to pastor, and they never charged us for oil changes. They are also some of the nicest people on the face of the earth. We will still take our cars there, but it is just a tad inconvenient for me to do so since I work on the north side of town and rarely have a day off during the week.

My "low tire" light came on as I was driving home Tuesday night, and it was the rear passenger tire. I pumped it up in the garage, but noticed this morning that it had a nail right in the center of it. I was way overdue on an oil change anyway - I was actually planning to have Jane take it in when she's off work in a couple weeks - but I just decided to take it to the place right by where I work.

Berger Auto Service has a really nice shop on Diebold Rd. right around the corner from me. I took it over and they said I could wait or they could give me a ride back to work. I chose to walk instead - it only took me 10 minutes. It was done in about an hour, and later on I walked back and picked it up. I liked that.

While I still prefer going to Yeoman's on the south side, it's nice to have this place right here too.