Wednesday, August 05, 2015

New toys

I happened into a couple new toys recently. Several weeks ago I mentioned wanting to complete my drum set. I found a bass drum and 3 toms in the dumpster one Saturday while working at the Downtown Storage facility. Well, I asked a friend for suggestions on where to get a snare, hi hat, and throne... and he said he would give them to me. He collects drums, and it sounds like he has quite the collection. So the other night he let me know he was in town and he gave me a snare with stand, hi hat, a pair of new sticks, and this awesome vintage white throne (stool). Here they are in my basement:

It's not anything fancy, and I don't have any cymbal's, but it's something for the grandkids to bang around on, and one of these days I may try to eek out a beat.

The other find was this awesome new Nishiki bike I found abandoned at work (at Dupont). It is a fixed-gear bike, meaning the pedals turn as long as the tire is going around (you can't coast, and there are no brakes). It's been stripped of everything and has fancy road tires, so it is light as a feather. It rides really nice, but it will take me awhile to get used to not being able to coast.