Monday, October 12, 2015

B's 3rd b-day

I can't believe grandson Bennett turned 3 years old yesterday. He prefers to be called "Benny," and was conveniently born on 10-11-12, making his birth day easy to remember. He is our first grandson, and the middle of 3 kids born to Drew Carrie.

Benny is a pretty typical middle child. He is easy going and wants everyone to get along and be happy. He's a fairly sensitive person, but is learning to stand his ground - especially with his little brother.

He received some Umizoomi toys from his mom and dad, as well as a spiffy "big wheel" bike. Unfortunately his legs aren't quite long enough to ride the bike yet, but it won't be long. He was pretty excited over the toys, and the special "Bot" cake his mom baked for him.

We bought him a box of hotwheels cars, a hotwheels car hauler (truck), and a hotwheels track that he can mount to a table. He likes to play with the old one at our house, and all 3 kids enjoyed playing with his new one yesterday. We also bought them the "fishing game" to share yesterday. They seemed to enjoy that too.

They had a small party for the "B" boy yesterday at Drew Carrie's. It was just us and great grandpa Dick and great grandma Esther. We still had fun. After D & E left we all walked down to the old Lutheran park and Anna rode her bike around and around and around. It was a beautiful day.

I guess before the party - which started at 3 pm - we all went to early church at 9:15 am, then Benny requested we go to Shigs In Pit for lunch. He was very proud of the ribbon (which he called a medal) that said it was his birthday. He kept showing it to the ribbon hanging on one of the trophies at the restaurant. :)

All in all it was a pretty good birthday for Benny. His sister is 4 1/2, his brother is 1 1/2, and B is now 3!