Tuesday, October 27, 2015

The boy...

We are very proud of both of our kids. We don't talk with the boy quite so much since he lives in Atlanta. We had a nice chat the other night though, and since I have a tendency to sometimes forget details, I wanted to jot down a few things to remember; plus just reminisce a little on where he's at.

He is in his second year at the Candler School of Theology working on an MDiv (Master of Divinity). One of his classes this semester allows him to participate as an intern at the church on the Emory University campus. It just so happened that he gave the message this past Sunday. He also meets each week to plan out the service for the Sunday gatherings. It is a very liturgical service followed by a shared meal. They also have a different speaker each week. It sounds nice to me, and I'm glad to see him involved in something like this.

Another opportunity he has had is to get involved with an Emory student group dealing with addiction recovery. Having gained quite a bit of experience at the Exodus House, this is something right up his alley. He seems to enjoy it as well. We were also glad to hear of his involvement in this.

As far as school... he seems to really enjoy his Kierkegaard classes. He has also started work/discussions with others about possibilities for his Phd work. For now it sounds like the schools he will be considering are: Emory, Vanderbilt, U of Chicago, and Yale. He is currently considering a Phd in Ethics in Society (or something similar). I realize things could change over the next year and a half, but it sounds like he is doing all the right things and talking with the right people.

All told, I would hope it goes without saying that we are very proud of the boy. He is not just an intellectual "thinker," but he has always walked/lived/breathed what's in his head and heart as well. Some might say they look forward to the great things he will do, but I like to think he's been doing them for quite some time now. I wish we talked more - so I didn't have to write things down to remember them - but I couldn't have asked for two better kids. Feeling very blessed.