Monday, November 16, 2015

A pretty good weekend

Another eventful weekend is in the books. On Saturday Drew Carrie took a bus trip with a bunch of friends to a Notre Dame football game, so we had the three grandkids from 8:30 am until we left for church Sunday morning. It actually didn't wear us out as much as I was afraid it might.

We played in the house most of the morning, then in the afternoon we played outside. I was raking leaves, and A & B liked jumping in the piles. Jane kept an eye on the three of them while I got the leaves all done. Anna helped me move some of the piles on the tarp later on. Later in the afternoon we went to Foster park and the three of them played on all the playground equipment there. After that we went home, had supper, and they all took baths. Then at night we went to the Mad Ants d-league basketball game at the Coliseum. My work has tickets in the second row behind the bench. They are great seats, and the kids thought that was pretty neat. C was kind of in awe most of the time. We arrived early, and then left after the halftime show. That was long enough, and the kids were all really good. Everyone slept good Saturday night, and Anna didn't get up until probably 7:30 or so. The boys were a little later.

The only problems we had were when C ran in front of A, who was swinging, and he ended up with a bruise below his one eye. Then Sunday morning B was showing us his "owie." He had a huge sliver in his hand. He must have gotten it Saturday afternoon on our playground equipment, and just never said anything all night. It didn't seem to bother him until we tried to get it out. Drew Carrie ended up having to take him to Redi-Med to have it removed. I felt so bad for the little guy. It was a fun day otherwise.

Jane and I were greeters at church for the second service. You kind of get double duty then because people are coming for second service but also leaving from the first. I like doing it though. All we do is hold the door open - there are no programs/bulletins or anything. We are also supposed to keep an eye out for first-time visitors.

We were honestly not too excited about the worship service though. We knew beforehand that the lead pastor and his wife were going to be speaking about marriage. We like them just fine, but sometimes we're just not in the mood to hear how they've kind of "figured things out" now and how much better their life is. So we actually discussed just greeting and then leaving, but we didn't, and it didn't turn out to be as bad as we suspected.

The interesting part, though, is that because we were the last ones to come in (after greeting), we had to sit at a table right in front of the stage area. We weren't right in front of the speaker (they stand in the middle of the room) but at the end of the service they told any married couples who wanted prayer to gather in front of the stage. Well, pretty soon we were engulfed in people - and we didn't mean to even be there! It's just where we had been sitting. So we just stood there, and they did a couple of songs, and pretty soon Paul and Elle (staff members) came over and prayed for us. She actually got quite emotional, and while I didn't think she even knew who we were, she was praying about specifics of our life. I have to say, it felt really good to know that someone actually gave a shit that we were no longer in ministry and they prayed in our presence that we would overcome and be restored. It's hard to explain, but I was glad we decided to stay for the service. Kinda funny how easy it is sometimes to feel encouraged.

Other than a good time with the grandkids and getting prayed for... Jane had an interview Friday and sent her resume out over the weekend. We also went out with friends for supper Sunday night. So all in all it was a nice weekend.