Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Holiday haircut

We got to close our facilities at 3 pm today for the Thanksgiving holiday (and we are closed tomorrow). We don't get paid for tomorrow, but they paid us for a whole day today.

I decided to get my hair cut after work at the Great Clips by where I work. I've went there the last few times, and like it better than the one by our house. I actually signed in ON LINE for the first time too. It was a good thing, because when I got there the place was packed. I was fourth on a list of about ten people waiting.

Tori cut my hair, and she did and excellent job. We chatted a bit, and she trimmed my ears and my eyebrows. She also went over my hair with scissors to catch any strays she'd missed with the clippers. I liked her. It was the usual $12, plus a $3 tip.