Monday, November 09, 2015

Weakened weekend

I think we could use another day of weekend around our house.

Friday we did not have our weekly "date night." Partly because we were going out Saturday night, partly because we babysat the kids for a few hours, but also partly because my back was still quite sore. So we stayed home and vegged in front of the TV.

Saturday morning we reversed roles and I went to work while Jane had the day off. I worked at the Downtown facility and it was one of the slowest days I've ever had. I had one phone call, one person asked where the restroom was, another asked about the carts... and that was the extent of my work from 9 am to 2 pm. Otherwise I pretty much just sat in the office chair. Not that I'm complaining, because I think it did my back good. I felt much better.

Saturday evening we had a dinner party. Eight of us went to the Japanese steakhouse Takaoka. It's kind of a tradition with this group of friends to go there whenever it is someone's birthday. This time we were celebrating mine and Dave's. Somehow during the day I seemed to develop like a head cold. It may have just been allergies, it doesn't matter though, because my nose just started running like a faucet. So, while I really like the food at this place, I was feeling less than chipper. Jane also likes the food, however she has had issues with this type of food not liking her. Well, we went to Mike's for awhile after supper and played a stirring game of 'Catch Phrase,' and sure enough, just after we got home Jane started to get sick. She was up the entire night throwing up, and I had a miserable cough and running nose.

We are not entirely sure that Jane's problem was the food, because apparently daughter Carrie had the same symptoms and she did not eat with us. Even so, I did not finish off the leftovers that we brought home... just in case.

Sunday was a pretty worthless day around our house. While my back felt some better, it was still sore, and sitting/sleeping in the recliner has started to cause soreness in itself. Jane pretty much never left the bed or couch until late evening when she joined me in the basement living room. Suffice it to say, we did not make it to church Sunday.

I guess at some point I did have a short burst of energy and used the electric leaf blower to blow some of the leaves in our yard out to the curb. I didn't really feel like it, but I was afraid of what the neighbors might say/do if I didn't do it then because I wasn't sure when I might next be able to.

Of course Sunday night ended with me staying up til midnight and watching the Cowboys lose in OT to the Eagles. Once again I slept in the recliner due to coughing and sinus drainage. And now it's Monday morning and time to go back to work. Ugh.