Sunday, December 06, 2015

Anna gets a kitty, and spectre the movie

Our granddaughter finally got a kitty. The poor girl has always just LOVED our cat and wanted to hold it, however we have a very unsociable feline and it runs and hides as soon as the kids even think about coming over (or anyone else, for that matter). So DrewCarrie broke down and got her one of her own for Christmas this year.

They got it at the SPCA and it has already been "fixed." Apparently it let Anna hold her the whole time they were there. It seems to be very gentle and affectionate. We are so happy for her.

After we stopped to see the new kitty, we went to the movies to see the new James Bond flick, "Spectre." It was good. We are James Bond fans, and I really like Daniel Craig in the role. We were not disappointed. I will say, though, I was surprised that the theater was as full as I've seen it in a long time - especially considering this movie has been out awhile.

We also broke down and bought a "bucket" for popcorn. It was like $21, but we can take it back and it will only be $4 to fill it from now on. That means we need to see a fair amount of movies in 2016. Sounds good to me.