Saturday, December 12, 2015

Jane quit her job

Yesterday was my wife's last day of working at the bank she's been employed by for the last 8 years (I think it's 8). She started as a Personal Banker (teller), and after getting her bachelors degree in Organizational Leadership she was promoted to Branch Manager. She not only oversaw the office, but was also a consumer loan representative.

The bank has underwent many changes in leadership and structure over time. When she started there was almost zero employee turnover. People were treated fair and with respect, and you hardly ever heard of anyone who didn't like working there. That has all changed, and it's basically just another one of those places run by the bottom dollar with seemingly no one really in charge. Everyone is looking to cover their own rear, and it just wasn't a good environment for her anymore.

So, 6 weeks ago she gave her 30 days notice, and they asked if she could stay a couple more weeks. She agreed, but then when asked if she could stay even longer, she stuck to her guns and declined.

While Jane has no other job lined up, she is the consummate professional and left on very good terms. She also has a nice network of other former employees who have already left there. A couple of banks have been in contact - one having offered her a job - but I'm not sure if banking is where she'll land or not. She has the perfect combination of intelligence, compassion, and professionalism, along with a high degree of integrity, that makes her a valuable asset to any company. We are not currently in desperate financial shape, so I am pulling for her to follow her heart.

Also, we both rather feel this was a bit of divine leading. God knows I felt like He was leading me away from my last place of employment, but I didn't go because I was waiting to hear where He was leading me to. So, we thought we would try following one step at a time this time. For some odd reason I am confident God has much better things in store for m'Lady. At least I hope so.

It's a new day. I'm very proud of my wife. I'm ready for an adventure.