Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Party weekend

We had a couple parties this past weekend. First up was 'Little Dewie's 30th Birthday Bash.' Little Dewie is the son-in-law, and Carrie threw him a nice party for about 50 folks at Wings, Etc. by our house(s). His birthday isn't actually until this coming Saturday, but this is when the party worked best.

They have a party room at Wings that works really well, and it's extra nice because kids can be there. So there were lots of family, children, and many friends as well. Carrie bought 100 wings and we bought 100, and she supplied some splendid cupcakes for the occasion.

We had a really nice time at the party, but after a couple hours it was then our job to take the grandkids home with us so DC could continue partying with their friends. I believe they cycled over to Trubble and then Curly's before the night was over. We had 3 very excited wee ones who watched a little bit of Rudolf the Red-Nosed Reindeer with us before falling asleep. They all slept very well.

Then, on Sunday night, we had our annual supper for some friends. For the past few years Jane has made a nice meal for a few of our "bachelor" friends. Last night it was just us and Mike and Kenny. We had pulled pork, baked beans, cheesy potatoes, cornbread, and wine. Afterward we headed to the basement and showed our lack of skill on the billiard table. The only issue with the night was that I did not fulfill my one responsibility for the party. I forgot to buy some beer until Sunday. I always forget that Indiana has this stupid law prohibiting the purchase of packaged alcohol on Sunday's. I briefly considered driving to Ohio, but we managed to survive, and I think had a nice time.

The next party is now coming up this Saturday - Mike's Annual Awesome Christmas Party. 'Tis the season...