Wednesday, December 02, 2015

Work party

We had a work party last night at the Tucanos Brazilian Grill. I guess we had some gift cards for this place (one of our customers). Anyway, it was for employees only (no spouses), and there were only 8 of us there (2 opted out). It was still a fun time. And, I was actually surprised at how nice this place was! I'd never had any desire to go there since it opened, but it was good, and I left very stuffed and satisfied.

We met right after work - around 5:45ish. You simply pay $22.95 per person and then eat what you want. They have a huge salad bar with both cold and hot items, then you get a meat plate with some tongs. Different servers come around with these giant skewers of various kinds of meat - steak, chicken, seafood - and they cut off however much you want. I had heard that the portions were kind of small, but I had no problem with them. I don't think I could have eaten anymore. They also have a full bar (which the web menu fails to mention).

I tried to get a couple of the servers to say, "We have the meats!" - like the Arby's commercial - but they wouldn't do it. Tucanos really does have the meats though.

Anyway, as I said, I was pleasantly surprised. Kyle, Drew, Kendra, Colin, Michael, Thomas, John and I had a pretty swell time. I look forward to taking Jane back there sometime.