Wednesday, February 24, 2016

A new side

Not sure if anyone has noticed the update to my sidebar (all 5 of you). It's not much, but I added a couple new links, as well as created some new groupings.

First, I added some links about running, in hopes of keeping updated better on local road races. When I did that I created the "Heath & Fitness" category. So that's where I will keep my running, exercise, meditation and counseling links.

Then I created the "Coaching & Leadership" heading, to hold things dealing with church leadership, discipleship, and whatnot. It differs from the "Faith & Church" category in that these sites have more to do with practices and processes rather than institutions.

A couple of the c & l sites are new:
  • Leading MCs is a rather new start-up from a guy I go to church with at Grace (Andy D).
  • Gravity Leadership is apparently a new venture from Ben & Deb Sternke and Matt Tebbe. I just heard of it the other day from something Ben posted on Facebook. It looks quite intriguing to me, though I'm not really at a point to start off in another coaching/discipleship direction just yet. Still, I've always thought Ben's writing and teaching was really, really solid stuff (even from his personal blog). They're both worth checking out.
 So, there's that. Btw, I had to google how to take a screenshot on my phone to get this photo. I learned something new. Yay!