Saturday, February 06, 2016

Working a saturday

I am working at my regular facility today. Rarely do I work here on Saturdays. Normally, if I work a Saturday, it is at the Downtown location, or maybe Stellhorn. And I would probably be working DT today, but Sandi is also gone at LC; so KZ is DT, JR is at LC, and I am at D (instead of JR). One of those things.

I actually don't mind working DT every now and then. It's smaller, and everything is inside (it used to be a Kroger grocery store). I don't mind working at my own facility either. I have all my stuff here, and it's comfortable, but it takes me twice as long to get here than going to DT. Basically I drive from the clear south side of town to the clear north side of town to work and back every day. I think it's like 26 miles round trip (if I go the short route through town). I might be mis-calculating, but whatever.

So... I'm sitting here looking out my office window. Earlier I was thinking about writing some other stuff... but, nah. I'm good with this for now.