Friday, March 18, 2016


I got nothin' today. Nothin' to say, and it seems like I don't know nothin' either.

The day started off well, until I came to work. The general manager was at my office putting in rate increases. I hate when we have to raise people's rates. I know I'm a terrible business person, and I'm too soft on people, but I don't understand the concept of raising people's rates "just to raise them." I don't get what's wrong with offering a 'service' to people, and being able to simply make a fair profit off it. But... it's not my call. Anyway, when he left at noon I had to finish putting in the rest of them. Ugh. So it was a long, boring, stupid day in that regard.

And... I have had some conversations with "Christian" friends lately... and I just don't seem to understand the ways of Jesus either. The "right to bear arms," the "need to defend ourselves and our families," a teacher in a Christian school's theory that we should shoot drunk drivers on the spot! At first I thought the person telling me all these things was joking. But they weren't! I was appalled. I AM appalled, still. Personally, I don't care how many bible verses a person can quote/use to back up their own reasoning. I'm much more interested in the state of a person's heart - do they have a heart for the things of God? But... I'm beginning to think I don't know anything about that myself.

Gaaaah. It's time to leave work. Good riddance, day.