Friday, May 06, 2016

I got a new circular saw

I bought this nifty 7 1/4" Skilsaw the other day at Menards. I unexpectedly got it on sale for $59!

I was planning to go for a walk before work but when I went outside it was drizzling rain, so I decided instead to stop at Menards on my way. I've been looking at circular saws for awhile because the one I've had - which my dad picked up eons ago at an auction - just wasn't cutting the mustard anymore (literally); plus it has a 6" blade, and they're darn near impossible to find. So.... I went to Menards and stared at the wall of circular saws once again. I've probably looked at them 20 times or so. I was all set to buy the cheapest Skil they had ($64.95), but when I went to grab the one in the box there was a model above it that was marked on sale for $59. It had more horsepower, amperage, and a better blade. I thought someone stuck it in the wrong place, but finally decided to go ask for a price-check. Sure enough, it was on sale from $89.99 for only $59. So I bought it!

I hate buying all these tools lately, because I don't really use them all that much, but a circular saw is somewhat of a necessity for any sort of handyman. I need it to cut pallets, plus who knows what else. So I'm pretty happy with my new purchase. I used it yesterday and it is way better than my old one. Plus it came with a carrying case! Yay. :)