Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Running (no compression)

I have recently started running outdoors again. I'm trying not to overdo it. I am quite out of shape compared to what I used to do. So I've just been doing around 3 miles at a time, at between 10-11 minute miles.

I will probably run less than usual this year. I'm getting older, plus I don't want to wear out my legs. So if I did regular runs 3 days a week, and a longer run 1 day a week, that would suit me just fine.

One thing I started this week was running without compression shorts. I have worn them for support under my shorts since I took up running. I can't stand to wear a jock strap, and I've never really had problems with the compression shorts. They seem to be a little hot sometimes though. So I bought a pair of actual running shorts with the built in liner. I had tried this a long time ago and it rubbed between my legs too bad. For some reason I just had an urge to try it again.

So far I have like the new shorts with the built in liner. They are much cooler and less cumbersome than the compression shorts. I also like the idea that all I really need are a pair of shoes, socks, shorts, and a shirt. That's basically the extent of my exercise equipment. Well, and a gps watch.

I've always tossed around getting compression socks - for when I run longer. I also need to get serious about some weight training/strengthening someday... in order to be a better runner. But, for now, I'm okay with starting here. I am an old-man runner, I go slow, I try to run safe, and hopefully I can work my way back into form.

This morning I ran 3 miles, in 30 minutes (with a .3-mile walk at the end). I went down to the Rivergreenway and over to Tillman Park and back. The route to Foster is under water in spots. I'd like to get into this habit again.