Monday, May 16, 2016


I have always liked Sundays. At different seasons in my life there have been different things I've liked about them. When I was growing up it was another day to sleep in. As a young adult I liked the ease of a lazy day. When I became a follower of Jesus I liked attending church gatherings. As a pastor I liked the rush of the Sunday show. And now... as a middle-aged whatever I am... I am back to liking sleeping in and ease of a lazy day.

A usual Sunday now includes not setting the alarm clock. We usually get up around 7 or 8-ish; enjoy a cup of coffee or three; and relax. Sometimes we will go on a run together. We normally leave for the church gathering around 10:30, stop at McD's and get coffee, and slide into the church space with no expectations placed on us. Most Sundays we will have lunch with the kids/grandkids, then come home and take an afternoon nap, then possibly do something Sunday evening or... not. I have started mowing on Sundays. My parents usually call every Sunday night. We will often call son Isaac on Sunday nights too.

Yesterday was pretty normal with just a slight variation. We went for a 3-mile run, went to church, then we were invited to someone's house for lunch afterward. That was fun because they seemed more similar to us than many of the people we've met so far at this church. After that we came home and I mowed the lawn before continuing to move things from the basement to the garage so it will be ready when it's time for new flooring. Then the kids/grandkids came over for supper and Drew helped me move the heavy things. After they left we relaxed for a bit before heading to bed. Again, a very nice day.

So, this is just a posterity post about Sundays. I like them. They are good to me.