Thursday, June 23, 2016

Death, diet, downstairs and downtown

Several random events occupying our mind and time lately:

Drew's grandfather passed away late last week. We knew him through Drew Carrie, but I also knew him through my job. One of his son-in-laws is one of the owners of the company I work for. He was a super guy, and seemed to have an impact on everyone he knew. None more than Drew, I think. He was instrumental in helping to shape him into the man he is. We've been trying to help out simply by watching the kids when we can, but it's also been occupying quite a bit of our thinking and prayers.

We have once again been doing the 'Candida Cleanse' this week. This is the third time for us. If you follow the highlighted link you will see what the diet entails. Basically it's this vegetable soup 3 times a day, everyday, and then one day you can also have fruit, one day you can have veggies, one you can have both, one you can only have milk, bananas and plain yogurt, then you can add some protein the next day, and so on. I lost about 10 pounds the first time we did it (in a week), but not so much the second time. I could stand to lose about 25 right now. The first 3 days are the worst for me, but for some reason adding the milk seems to help. Of course, probably the hardest part of all is you can only drink water and tea. We'll see how it goes.

They finally started working on our basement following the water damage on May 10th. We are having Eagle Contracting do both the construction work and the carpet. They came yesterday and started putting up the bits of drywall and installing the wainscoting. They are supposed to finish it today. Then once the carpet is in (we ordered it last week) it will be as good as new (hopefully). The cat might be the happiest of all of us to have it done. Although I do miss taking naps downstairs in the cool dark of a Sunday afternoon.

I am live writing this today from the Downtown storage facility. We had several people take today off, so I started at my usual facility, then came down here to cover for this manager's short day. He was sick earlier this week, so the first hour or so was spent disinfecting the office. Since then I've pretty much just been sitting here doing this.

Well, that's about it for today. I really am running out of things to say. I'm also starting to wonder if I need a break. I'm just not into it lately. I'm not really into much of anything. Meh.... we'll see.