Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Father's day weekend 2016

Me holding the youngest g-child at Ribfest.

I had quite the Father's Day this year. We were busy most of the day both Saturday and Sunday. Plus Jane bought me the book Don Quixote. So I should be set on reading for quite some time. I am anxious to read it and see what I catch since last reading it while in high school. All in all, it was a swell day, and weekend.

After the 5k.
Things started off at 8 am Saturday with the Ribfest 5k. This was the fourth year they've had it, and my fourth time running in it. Jane ran with me, and we came in at just under 10-minute miles. I was happy enough. We didn't push too hard, but did better than the last couple times we'd been out. It was a nice morning before heating up in the afternoon.

This is not necessarily the most well coordinated event, but I like it. By signing up for the race you get a t-shirt which gets you one free entrance to Ribfest, and then you get two additional tickets for use another time. So we never did have to pay to get in.

After running, then going out for breakfast with Carrie, Anna and Caleb (to Fortezza), we went home and showered and then decided to head to the Sweetwater campus. They were holding their annual "Gearfest," and I have always wanted to attend. Holy cow. I did not envision the number of people that would be there, nor the number of vendors and musical equipment. It was amazing. I'd visited the store, and even had a tour of the facility, but it was nothing like being there for gearfest. Below are a few pics from the day (which do not even come close to doing it justice).

Mountain of Marshall amps.

Sweetwater food court.

My sweetheart in a Ferrari.

Saturday night we went to our first "Rock the Plaza" of the summer. I love that the Fort Wayne library hosts these free concerts every Saturday night during the summer. There is food and drink, and usually 3 or 4 bands every night. What I especially like is that this is somewhat the heart of where many homeless and less fortunate people hang out, so it's nice that they have a place to go and are allowed to socialize. We enjoy just bringing our lawn chairs, listening to music, and people-watching.

I also like that Ribfest happens to fall on Father's Day weekend every year. It is generally my favorite of all the festivals in town. What's not to like about BBQ'd food and blues music? This year was a little "off." The music wasn't quite up to par. I think they are transitioning to a new person handling things, but hopefully it will work out in the future. I also have a problem with the sound crew they use for this festival. About 3 or 4 years ago - I don't know if they switched who they use or what - but it really went downhill. It is really, really loud, and it's top-heavy. I have nothing against loud music, but this hurts my ears, and it's not the kind that you can feel in your chest. I wish I knew someone to tell but... what are you gonna do... I still enjoy this festival. Again, the two of us pretty much just hang out. This year we went Thursday night, Saturday afternoon, and the we had lunch with the Feipel crew on Sunday and Jane and I hung around into the evening hours.