Friday, August 19, 2016

No jury duty, but an auction

I had been called for jury duty yesterday. I was kind of looking forward to it. It would be a chance to get out of work, plus a little something different. However, I called in Wednesday night and was told the case had been settled. So, instead, I had to go to work yesterday.

Of course, work was extremely busy yesterday for some odd reason. There were people waiting for me when I arrived. By the time I actually opened (on time), I had one person renting a unit, someone there for the truck, two people wanting to look at units, and a guy wanting to transfer -- all at the same time. My office was literally full of people - and I hadn't even put my water on for tea yet!

By the time the initial wave of people left, then it was time for my auction to start. I'd not had a storage auction for a few months. I had five units for this one. There wasn't a very big crowd. I think I counted 17 bidders. None of my units brought very much money, but I was glad they at least all sold. So, after the auction, and assigning temporary gate/building codes to buyers, taking money and whatnot, then there was all the paperwork of moving out auctioned units. It's nothing difficult, but just time consuming, and you have to think about it because it's not a daily part of the routine - plus it kind of needs to be done right for legal reasons.

The rest of the day was kind of a blur. Typical stuff, but then the intern showed up for work. Apparently I am going to have a high school kid working with me every afternoon during the school year. I was aware of the intern, but I guess I didn't fully understand my role in the situation. At least until soccer season is over he will be working with me every day. He seems like a super kid, but..... well, you know me. I'm kind of a loner, so while I realize it's part of the job, I can't say that I'm super excited about it. Nothing against him, but it really alters my daily schedule. Things are going to have to change.

And.... that's where I'm at today. Not real excited about pretty much anything. Work is no fun. I can't seem to get into running anymore. Church has become uninteresting. I don't seem to have time to write or read. And that's about it. That's basically my life right there. Ugh. Hopefully it's just a phase. I don't do well at "just existing."

But today is a new day and maybe things will change. Probably not, but we'll see.