Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Soggy supper for the homeless

We just returned from our every-other-Wednesday night of serving supper to the homeless downtown. It poured down rain. But they were still there, so we were too.

There's a small group of people at the new church we've been attending who make and then serve supper for the homeless outside the main branch of the public library every other Wednesday night. We went once before (I blogged about it earlier) and it seemed to be a good fit for us. So when the time approached tonight and it was raining (storming, actually) we wondered what they would do. We decided to just show up at the church anyway.

They said they'd actually never been rained on in all the years they've been doing it. So we got everything ready. We made sack lunches with peanut butter sandwiches, chips, and a cookie; and then they had two big crocks of bbq and mac & cheese. When we came to the realization that it was not going to stop raining, someone had the brilliant idea to just mix the bbq and mac & cheese in a soup bowl with a lid. So we put the buns in the freezer and set off for the library.

It wasn't raining for a brief period when we left the church, but after driving a couple blocks to the library it started a near downpour just as we arrived. Jane and I were actually the first ones there, and a group of people were waiting for us under the canopy out front. They cheered when we got out of our car!

For various reasons we are not allowed to serve the food under the canopy, so we all got soaking wet. It was worth it though. People got a warm meal, and I suppose they enjoyed some comradere under the canopy. It was kind of sad in that there seemed to be more kids there tonight.

Anyway, we came home drenched to the bone, hopped in a warm shower, and now it's time to veg a bit. We've got it pretty nice. I'm glad we went.