Wednesday, October 26, 2016

11 years of blogging

So I guess yesterday was my 11th blogiversary. I've been doling out drivel on this silly little site for way too long. I can't seem to link to the first post from October 25, 2005, but there were only three that month, and this is them if you're interested. All told this makes the 4,207th post I've written. 3916 are published, and 291 are still in draft form.

Oh, man, the old 'Danno's Dangerous Mind' certainly lived up to the title. Despite not doing much to ever advertise or encourage readership - and actually working harder to keep it off the radar for most people in later years - this has probably caused me more trouble than it was worth. Truth be told, it's probably what got me fired from my church job (not that there's anything wrong with that).

It didn't start out so well, and there hasn't been much worthwhile content for awhile now, but I do have to admit there may have been a few decent posts here and there over the years. Sometimes I will have an oldie brought to my attention and I won't even recognize it. I have no idea what my most-read post was, or even my favorite. It's mostly just water under the bridge now. But I do have a handy 11-year record of significant events to remember my life by.

I have actually had a hand-full of offers to write for different places because of this blog too. Perhaps the most notable was the oddly surprising invitation to offer a piece for a book about President Obama and faith. I didn't take any of the offers very seriously and have only written a couple devotional-type things. I've just never seen myself as a writer, and the thought of having a deadline always freaked me out. I can be stupid that way. Well, and plus the fact that I'm NOT a writer.

Even today my life would be much easier without the blog. Certainly I would upset fewer people. I wouldn't have to worry about what might or might not offend someone. Or worry that the wrong people are reading it. Even just the stress of writing in general can be a lot for me sometimes. I'm too much of a people-pleaser and too concerned about conflict to be any good at this. And, you know, there's the need to think through things and do research and whatnot.

But, anyway, here I am still writing, 11 years later. I suppose that just makes me old and out-dated. Spending great amounts of time doing totally worthless things.... Yep, that's kind of the story of my life. :)